>>> Client Simulator <<<
>  Simpler is Better   <

What it is ---
This tools simply simulates HTTP traffic to one ore more
web  applications  from  a  single source. It just makes
life easier when you want to simulate some behavior, mix
legitimate  and  malicious  traffic,  test some browsing
scenarios etc.

What it is not ---
A tool to perform a DoS  attack, as it is asymetric, but
the other way: 1 against n. If you don"t understand that
statement ask yourself how the hell you got here.

How it works ---
The clientsim.pl script calls the clientsim.conf file.

clientsim.conf ---
The  configuration  file  is  built  of several sections
which  define the  behaviour of each simulated client. A
section is identified with a name between brackets.

Options -
4 options  have to  be  defined below  the  section name,
they are identified by a leading star "*".

IP address of the target application

Multiplicator for all the timers defined in the section:
recuuring delay and think time.

Delay  in  seconds  before  the scenario is played again
when completed.

*disabled:<0|1> (optional, default: 0)
Specifies if the section is active or not.

Browsing scenario -
A  scenario  is  defined  with  two types of directives:
requests and think time.

Requests -
They are detailed with a method (GET or POST), then  the
URI (including the querystring). In case  of  data to be
posted, they must be appended to the URI, separated by a
pipe "|".

GET /search.php?item=1001&display=1
POST /login.asp?new=true|login=foo&pass=bar

Think time -
The THINK directive makes it possible to  define  a wait
delay before next  requests are  executed. The format of
the directive is:
THINK <minimum_delay>:<maximum_delay>
These delays  are subject to the recurring-delay option.

Example file -
An exemple file is provided with the archive: